Dividend Income Update – April-August 2017

Now that we have our move out west all wrapped up and the kids are back in school, let’s update some missing dividend numbers, shall we?

My last dividend report was way back in March where we received $177.92…an all time record!  Let’s see what happened in the months that followed.

April:  We received $84.01 up from $62.13 last year.

May: We received $84.04 up from $34.74 last year.

June: We received $185.81 up from $107.60 last year.

July:  We received $79.60 up from $64.22 last year.

August: We received $80.04 up from $35.08 last year.

In graph form it looks like this:


That is a grand total of $513.50 in the last 5 months as compared to $303.77 over the same period last year.  Why the increase?  We have 3 factors working in our favor.  1.  We continue to add new money to the accounts.  2. The companies we own have long histories of increasing their dividend every year, and  3.  All dividends we receive get automatically reinvested to buy more shares.  All three factors work together to slowly grow our passive income stream!

Since starting this portfolio in March of 2015 we have now received a total of $2,216.04 in dividends…here’s a graph to show what that looks like:


Changes to the Dividend Portfolio:

During this period we started brand new positions in the following companies:

AT&T (T) , CVS Health (CVS) , ExxonMobil (XOM) , SCANA Corporation (SCG) , and Sempra Energy (SRE)

We also made add on purchases to these companies in which we already own:

Dominion Energy (D) , General Mills (GIS) , Kraft Heinz Corporation (KHC) , Proctor & Gamble (PG) , and Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)

You can see our entire Dividend Portfolio Here along with some extra cool graphs and pie charts below it.


I hope everyone had a great summer and all of you are working hard towards your goals…whatever they might be!







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